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Beware of Loan Modification Scams

Obama’s epic presidential sweep doesn’t entirely erase racism in the US. Although many are saying that the modernity of the time has been slowly affecting people’s way of thinking about race and color, there are still some life aspects where minorities are undermined. One of which has something to do with the legalities of loans. For those Hispanic minorities who are drowning in loan debts, things could get even worst. Since some may not know other options aside to avoid foreclosure, they end up losing ownership of their homes. Unknown to them is the best solution to end the endless cycle of foreclosure woes---loan modification.

By negotiating with lenders, borrowers can enjoy the benefits of lower interest rates and monthly payments. Loan terms can also be extended depending on the deal given by the mortgagee. In the end, borrowers get to preserve home ownership, and at the same time, be saved from the worries that tomorrow might be the day they’ll go homeless.

If only proper information about this mortgage process is readily available to borrowers belonging to minority groups, a lot of foreclosure proceedings might have been avoided in the US. It is sad to note that there are a lot of loan modification companies taking advantage of these people by offering them false hopes. I’ve read somewhere that there was an American loan consultancy company that ran away from its clients without doing its end of the bargain to process their papers for said mortgage process. The worst thing about this is that all of this company’s clients are poor Hispanic minorities.

Loan modification might just be the key to save borrowers, minorities or not, from an alarming foreclosure. I hope that the government will be more vigilant in ascertaining that loan modification companies are not going to scheme their clients.


Difficulties in Getting a Loan Modification

Obtaining a loan modification is not as easy as it may seem. With thousands of applicants queuing in banks and loan companies for their loans to be modified, lenders are becoming adamant in granting this program to just about anyone. Newbies in the process can already expect to face a number of difficulties before their applications get approved. To lessen the shock, here are the dilemmas that starters in modifying loans might face.

1. Accepting the problem of foreclosure

Recognizing that you are a step closer to losing your prized home because of delinquency is probably one of the first stubble that you are going to face. This is what they call the borrower’s denial period. Once this has been overridden, borrowers can already face the problem head on.

2. Contacting the lender

It is still quite unfathomable how delinquent lenders develop the courage to run for cover, but can not find the heart to speak with lenders about their loan situation. Informing lenders about your difficulty is primary to the cause of stop foreclosure.

3. Writing a hardship letter

A hardship letter is much like a proposal given to your lender. Contained in this is an explanation of your hardship. Unemployment, death of the family’s breadwinner, disability, serious illness and such are accepted by lenders as valid hardships.

4. Convincing lenders to grant you the loan modification

Lenders know all the tricks up the sleeves of borrowers desperate to stop foreclosure. They can see pass the dramatic appeal that mortgagees are trying to exude. It is better to provide a valid hardship and turn in all the necessary documents to have your loans modified.

5. Processing the loan modification to be approve

This is particularly difficult because of the time that it entails to have the request approved. It usually takes around two weeks to process your papers for the loan modification.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Loan Modifcation or Forbearance

Borrowers criminals have a cloak of social exclusion in the form of a loan modification agreements and patience. Instead of going to the homeless, they now have a new chance to redeem themselves and their beautiful homes by a recovery of the loan by the lender.

In conversation with your lender about the financial problems that could lead to disruptions and the threat of exclusion is a lengthy analysis of their situation. This will be a factor to say if you granted a loan modification or forbearance. As a borrower, you should know the difference between the two, because the road to the exclusion of the operation depends to a large extent determined by the lender.

What exactly is the difference between the two? To better understand these processes, mortgages, we will prepare the ground for everyone. In short, the modification of a loan agreement between you and the lender to create the conditions for a loan to reduce monthly payments and interest rates. This also leads to a long-term loans of up to 30 years depending on the offer by the lender. In addition, an agreement patience is simply an act of delaying foreclosure. In no way diminish or reduce interest rates on loans and monthly payments, but it does provide room for the borrower to pay as soon as the financial situation has stabilized.

Although this is after the same goal, that is the burden of the borrower, some of the differences, an enormous influence on the type of mortgage you are looking for. For example, the benefit is only for those whose financial problems appear to be temporary. Therefore, the exclusion was delayed a few months and do not in any way be canceled. Change loans, on the other hand, is for those whose financial situation and seem on the verge of a major situation that can only be resolved by restoring the conditions for a loan.

The borrower must be able to tell if your financial situation for the patient or the modification of a loan. This is an essential prerequisite for free from the clutches of exclusion.


Loan Modification Guide

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Loan Modification Guide

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